Secretary General

Ishaan Chitnis
Rashi Madhvi
Anushka Dandawate
Nupur Thakkar

Under Secretary Generals



Arya Viren

USG Delegate Affairs

When you first meet Aarya she might come off as shy and awkward but don't let the introverted facade underestimate her. Once you break the ice and get the conversation rolling she is just as fun and charming. Working with Aarya is like a breath of fresh air, she will always bring new and innovative ideas to the table. Handling each and every situation smartly is one of her forte. She never turns her back to hardwork and will passionately give her all for every job. 

Saasha Gore

USG Delegate Outreach

"You can tell a lot about a person from his biography" Phil Dunphy(Modern Family). I'm artistic and love taking part in activities that involve making the community a better place. I'm gregarious & passionate about anything I undertake. An optimist I love discovering new ventures and creating playlists. An avid reader and movie buff I'm amiable and always down for a good laugh.


Anannya Gadnis

USG Designing

Anannya is a perfect blend of being classy and fabulous in all aspects of life. She has a very warm, generous and a very friendly approach towards her fellow workers. Outside MUN she is a zealous artist and has a very ingenious slant which makes her proficient at designing. So embrace yourself to see mesmeric and enticing posts coming up for this year’s event.


Drishik Behal

USG Logistics and Hospitality

Drishik is currently pursuing Arts and aspires to do Cybersecurity. He is your technical guru, who works well with machines. An austere and simple guy who knows how to keep calm even in the most stressful situations makes him suitable for his position of USG Logistics and Hospitality in Vaze MUN 2020. He is a guy who strives for hard work. In his term of being the Division Representative, he has proved his ability of leadership, partnership and most importantly his responsibility. One thing you can't question about him is his loyalty. He has always provided his helping hand to anyone in need and completed his duties. His ethical attitude always has been his identity- 'The present will decide your future, so work on it.'


Aditya Bhoite

USG Public Relations

Aditya Bhoite, 
A name synonymous with enthusiasm, from being the pr and marketing head at a rotaract club to being a fussy dresser he has multiple stories to tell,and trust me he would love to tell them all to anybody willing to listen. Name it, and this socialite will have it done in no time.


Aastha Shetty

USG Marketing

“It's not about being better it's about being the best"

Aastha's drive for perfection and professionalism is pristine and in the end is what gets the job done. She is hesitant and awkward to talk to others yet warms up instantly at the mention of books and music!


Mayur Maluskar

USG Delegate Affairs

Mayur is studying in SYJC commerce. He is one of the nicest persons you’ll ever know who is always ready to help you out. He is a compassionate person and knows how to deal with situations under pressure.


Shravani Vanjare

USG Delegate Outreach

Shravani is an extrovert by nature. Strong set of communication skills which enable her to work along with wide range of people. Is known for her straight talks along with her super friendly and loving aura. She voices out her opinions loud and clear but understands that opinions can differ. Believes that all work and no play surely makes everything dull.


Saniya Jog

USG Designing

Saniya Jog, the human equivalent of generosity is one of the most creative persons you will ever know. The way she relates her art to her story will always leave you in awe. She is the most simplest and nice person. She comes off as a non talker to many people, but once you get to know her there’s no way back, you are stuck with a genuinely kind hearted person.


Rasikka Deorey

USG Logistics and Hospitality

Rasikka Deorey is the perfect example for a 'LEADER'.She is bold and tends to manage things in the best possible way. As the LOGISTICS USG she will manage people and equipment with her creative thinking and willingness to help. 
She has a long range of vision for her team and also great communication skills to deal with people. She has a unique quality of inclusivity which for her role for her department is a vital quality. She is passionate towards every cause that she commits herself to. Her vivacious and optimistic nature and open minded approach are the things that we are excited about!

Janhavi Basangar

USG Public Relations

Meet Janhavi Basangar, she’s our USG for Public Relations  at VMUN! She always aces whatever projects she takes and always keeps the communication intact! 
As the USG for Public Relations, she will spread the word across regarding all the activities taking place in VMUN. 
She is filled up with a lot of innovative ideas, which makes sure to engage the audience. She’s always warm and welcoming to the people in her department! 
Her cheerful and creative attitude is what’s to keep an eye for and we are very exhilarated to have her on board!


Palak Bhanushali

USG Marketing

Palak Bhanushali is a girl with a very bubbly nature and excellent speaking skills. The perfect person to handle marketing department is right in front of you and this helps to make the event even a greater success. With her extreme persuasive tone, her powerful words and her extravagant ideas, she has the adeptness and potential to attract various sponsors and close many deals with her communication skills. These are the exact qualities one needs to excel in this department. You can count on her to help you out at any hour and you can put your faith in her. Just the perfect mixture of her contagious smile, her spirit and her wit is enough to win you over.


Sejal Dalvi

Sejal Dalvi, an omnivert by nature who is always curious to learn about something new. She enjoys organizing events and want to be the person who provides a stage to others to showcase their talents. She knows how to multitask to save time. Not only does she value time but also believe in completing her work as soon as it has been appointed. She has always been eager to help people out, regardless of their background.


Manas Patil

Manas Patil, the Assistant Director General of Vaze MUN’ 20 is currently studying in SYJC Commerce. He is a fun seeking, confident and articulate individual with commendable ability to work tirelessly to achieve set outcomes. He solely believes in ‘never give up’ and has very strong work ethic and likes to organise, manage and lead. His determination and ability to complete entire Netflix series within weeks would surprise you. He believes that MUNs can be a great platform not only to learn about the international crisis and how UN functions but also to discover yourself and develop new talents which makes him suitable for his position in Vaze MUN 2020.


Kanaka Patil

Kanaka Patil, With a predilection for international politics and psychology, Kanaka Patil is an extremely intellectual, creative and an ebullient all rounder. With her impeccable poise and unwavering hold over managing her duties, her presence and passion doesn't only aid to what she does, instead, it propels it to great heights. She's a real optimist and a cheerful soul with her belief "Nobody's perfect but there sure as hell exists perfection!"


Gargi Shendre

A pragmatic person who works hard to go above and beyond, Gargi Shendre is the perfect Director General. With her roots set in reportage, she exudes an air of authority and familiarity which makes you feel comfortable and welcome. Conversations with her are riveting and she ensures that everyone partakes in it. She understands that everyone is unique and works to hone their skills. All in all, she is a dynamic personality in a small frame. She is confident in herself and her crew and knows that they will put up an incredible MUN.